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Brightsworth Universe Profile: Penelope by Brightsworth-Heroes Brightsworth Universe Profile: Penelope by Brightsworth-Heroes
Name:  Penelope Alexys Mario

Nickname:  N/A

Age:  15

Gender:  Female

Species:  Human in Inkling Form

Personality:  Energetic, Mischievous, and Optimistic

Default Ink Color:  Yellow

Eye Color:  Red

Weapon of Choice:  N/A

Likes:  Alexander, Her Family, Lavinia

Dislikes:  Bullies, Getting Picked On

Family:  Mario (Father)
Princess Peach (Mother)
Mario Jr. (Older Brother)
Peter (Younger Brother)
Marc (Youngest Brother)

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual (Taken)

Mate:  Alexander (Boyfriend)

Love Interest(s):  Alexander

Bio:  A childhood friend of Alexander's, Penelope has known him ever since they were young.  She saw Alexander go into battle against the Darx Empire to save her father and her uncle.  When Alexander sealed himself into a four-year slumber, Penelope was shocked and saddened to hear this.  When he awakened when she was 15, they reunited when Penelope was on Summer Vacation.  When the Mushroom World was taken over by the Kingdom of Darkness, she and her family were taken to Inkopolis for protection.  When she was living with Alexander, she soon realized that even though she rejected his feelings for her, he still loves her, and she soon developed feelings for him.  Skull and Peach allowed Alexander to also be in a relationship with Penelope and Lavinia, making Penelope Alexander's second lover.

Gear:  Fake Contacts, Black Mint Tee, Purple Trainers

*Note:  Penelope is Shake-zula's character.  This is her profile in my Universe*
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